Brazilian Stock Exchange

brazil stock exchange

The name of the Brazilian stock exchange, the OR Tambo, is derived from the indigenous name of Tambor, a small fishing village located in the interior of the Amazon rainforest. It was discovered in 1524 that a Portuguese trader named Gilfistes da Silva Marques had traded with native tribes of Brazil for Cayenne pepper and gold, as well as other precious items. Or nas is the name of the town. It comes from the original Portuguese name for the village. In recent years, the name of the exchange has also changed, first to Soppos, then Orade and finally to the current name of the stock market – OR Tambo. This article will discuss the history of the Brazilian stock market’s name.

There are many interesting things about the name of Brazil.

It is unique and a part of a fascinating story. The name of the stock market has been connected with the history of Brazil. During the colonial period, it was called the “Convocatione Estadamental does Amazon” or the “Exchange of the Coat of Arms”. Although the name has changed, the goal of the exchange remained the same: trade.

History of Brazilian Stock Exchange

In 1821, the first Brazilian shares were issued on the model of the London Stock Exchange. At the time it was a secret society called the “Cidade de Sociedades e Cultura”. The first recorded date of issue was in December, 1820. The idea was not to try and publicize the stock market, but instead to create an opportunity for the Brazilian people to engage in foreign trade. Although the secret society that had created this trading model was soon dismantled, the exchange continued to exist under different names until the time of the Brazilian Revolution. With the coming of the revolution, all foreign trade became illegal.

The name of the exchange came about a couple of years later. It was necessary to create a distinctive and memorable name that would attract investors as the business grew. There were a number of options available to the government, but none of them really stuck. Finally they decided to name the exchange after one of the most famous families in Brazil, the do’s cousins.

“Dos Company”

The Dos grandfathers are the most prominent among the Dos cousins. They are the ones who came up with the name for the stock market in Brazil. They had the foresight that the name would be a great name to use as well as a great business idea. Their business was named Disma S.A., or “Dos Company”. This is the name they still use today.

The company quickly grew to be one of the largest financial institutions in South America after it was established. Today, the Disma stock exchange is the second largest financial exchange in the world. It attracts thousands of traders from all around the globe. You will find that it is much more active in trading foreign stocks than many other countries around the world.

name of brazil stock exchange

The reason the name has lasted so well is because the dog family is very wealthy and has remained financially stable over the years. They have remained steadfast and safe, which is a great thing. The Disma name was actually taken from a Portuguese settlement which was located near the place where today’s Disma S.A. is located.

Although the name may not be familiar to most Americans, it does mean that you can learn more about it. You can find many resources online about the exchange. As you might have guessed, Disma is a descendant of the Dos cousins. They are currently ranked as the 2nd richest family in Brazil. So even if you do not know their name, you know where to look to learn more.


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